Our Shower Building System

Is the original polystyrene shower building system.  Our system allows our customers to easily customize their shower, reduce costs, and prevent water damage.

Why Choose Curbblocks?


Have specific ideas for your walk-in shower? You can do it with Curbblocks!

Easy installation

Install yourself, or have our products installed by a professional contractor

Cost efficient

Less expensive for DIY’ers and Contractors when compared to traditional materials and competitors products.


Curbblocks Products are prefabricated, pre-sloped shower components that are installed directly over the pan or liner. Or installed prior to application of a waterproof membrane. Curbblocks is the quickest and easiest way to install shower curbs, floors, corner seats and wall benches, while providing a quality installation that will last

Curbblocks prevents water damage

Traditional methods of shower installation, no matter how well done, will eventually allow moisture to penetrate the subfloor and surrounding areas. This photo is of a shower after just a decade of regular use by 2 people that was installed by a master tile setter of over 20 years. 90% of showers in homes today, look like this beneath the finish surface. Prevent future water damage by installing Curbblocks product line in your shower. Traditional shower installation methods allow water to seep through grout, tile and cracks. Reaching the subflooring which causes severe damage over time..

Curbblocks curb is the only prefabricated shower building component on the market that accepts the use of a rubber pan/liner.


Curbblocks, as the original prefabricated polystyrene shower building system manufacturer, has been in business since 2001 and has yet to experience a product failure. Curbblocks was founded and is still operated by Ed Peterson.  Curbblocks has yet to experience a product failure. As a tile setter of over 30 years Ed saw a need for an alternative to forming and pouring solid cement curbs and floors or building shower components out of unstable materials such as wood or Sheetrock. Out of that necessity, our company was born.
Since conception, we have had competitors come and go. While some remain. None have been able to meet the same standard of quality or competitive price point as Curbblocks. Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. Designed to improve the productivity and profit on all your shower jobs. Curbblocks is your one stop shop for all your prefabricated shower building components. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions and/or concerns. We appreciate your business.

From Our Customers

"With Curbblocks products I can have a shower built and ready to tile in less than a day. Saving me time, money and headache."

Kelley Thompson

Contractor, Boise, ID

Curbblocks is always my go to for high quality and affordable prefab shower components. And my clients love the sense of security that their showers are waterproofed to the highest standard." 

Tyson Ward

Contractor, Salt Lake City, UT

"Installing my own shower was easy with Curbblocks! You can't mess it up! Not to mention, it saved me tons of money by not having to hire a contractor."

Shelley Jensen

DIY customer, Salt Lake City, UT


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