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Which products do I need to buy? What quantity?

Depending on the desired size and style of your shower you may need one or multiple of each of our products. At the very least we suggest 1 Fast Floor, The Required Curb(s) and 1 bench/seat option for every shower. Or feel free to contact our office, and we can help you decide what you need and/or help you design your shower.

What does shipping cost?

All products are shipped for free to the lower 48 states! A small charge will be added for HI, AK and any foreign orders. Please contact us directly for a shipping estimate.

Is there any maintenance after installation?

Short answer, no.

long answer, as long as it is properly installed your unit should last for the life of the home. 

Is there a warranty?

Curbblocks offers an industry leading 15 year product warranty against manufacturer defects. Warranty claims are void if not installed per instructions.

Can I become a distributor of your products?

Absolutely! We are always looking for new distributers and vendors. As well as experienced Reps. Please call us or contact us using the form below to find out how!

What Installation materials are needed?

To install our products, you will need – Modified thinset, ½” notch trowel and a hand saw, at very least. But your project may require more. Please see our installation videos for more information.

Can I use Curbblocks outside of a Walk-in Shower to customize other wet areas, such as tub Surrounds?
Absolutely! Our products are regularly used for tub surrounds, steam rooms, “dry off” areas, pool steps/benches and many more applications. See our idea gallery for more information.
Is there a limit to how large I can make my shower?
No. Our extensive product line allows us to cater to any style and/or trend. Whether the goal is an extravagant spa or a modest shower space.
Can Curbblocks be used outdoors or in mobile applications such as mobile homes, R.V.’s, Travel Trailers, Yachts, etc.?
Yes. Curbblocks products will not expand and/or contract with temperature and humidity changes. Nor is it subject to freezing. Making it ideal for any outdoor application. It is lightweight and will maintain structure stability if installed in mobile homes, travel trailers, yachts and similar applications.
What size notch trowel should I use to install Curbblocks products?
We recommend using a 1/2” notch trowel.
How can I find my local distributor/vendor?
Currently, we ask that you please contact us below. And we will respond with your nearest vendor in a timely fashion.
Do I need to install a traditional Pan/Liner? Or do I use a waterproofing membrane?
Curbblocks is the only manufacturer with a patent protected curb that accepts the use of a traditional Pan/Liner. Our products also accept a waterproofing membrane finish. To ensure the highest level of waterproofing. We suggest that you utilize both methods in your installation.
Do you have installation instructions available on your website?
We are in the process of putting them on the website. Until then please email or call us and we'll try to help!
Have a question that is not listed here?
Please feel free to reach out to us at or call us at (801) 572 - 9394


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